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100% RPET eco-friendly supermarket cart shopper

100% RPET eco-friendly supermarket cart shopper

Product Description

Feature: shopping bag
Style:RPET/Recycled PET
Materials: RPET

Item: 0117012

Specification210D RPET

What is RPET (i.e. recycled PET)?

Plastic bottles labeled with the #1 code on the bottom are the same chemistry make-up as polyester, which is called PET, or technically known as polyethylene terephthalate. 

RPET is a viable alternative to virgin PET and can be used in multiple applications, because up to 100% of a PET package can be made from recycled PET, and the material can be recycled again and again.

Now the RPET fabrics IGObags uses are always accreditated and have the GRS certificate. 

Pls think of RPET fabrics to gain a new market angle and conserve our resources to help make a better world.

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